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Creating Drawing tools for tomorrows´ technologies, offering to our customers competitive and innovative solutions and being a preferred employer and a reliable partner to all our business partners and suppliers.


To be the leading company for diamond tools, committed to exceeding our customers expectations, focusing on sustainable growth through expanding, striving for technology and excellence as well as sharing values and success.


Essential prerequisite for the achievement of TOMA tools goals is the execution of a culture of openness, trust and to emphasize the employee´s and customer´s expectation to be treated to fair business practices. In any practice, we set top priority to honesty, integrity, fair treatment and mutual respect to promote a team environment and to avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices. We promote a trustworthy and honest atmosphere to reinforce the vision of ethics within the company. For this reason, we undertake all required actions necessary to prevent any type of discrimination due to ethnic or cultural background, sex, colour, race, language, religion, age, marital status, political affiliation, gender identity or disability.


We are dedicated to keep the highest level of professionalism in our relationships with all our business partners based on integrity, respect, trust and honesty.
It is our aim to continuously strive for improvement and enlargement of all our business activities with utmost priority and concern on quality and customer satisfaction.
We consider it our responsibility to accept any type of improvement suggestions in order to draw important lessons from both, our successes as well as from our failures and to consequently follow our motto „improving together“.
In this way, we believe in the possibility of striking new paths and to develop ourselves further and alter.


High level of environmental awareness is an indispensable component for the manufacturing of a leading product.In the course of the production process, negative impacts on the environment and natural resources are kept as small as possible to safeguard health and safety of our environment.We commit ourselves to act in full compliance with all environmental standards and regulations.


Promoting development and innovation activities with focus on efficiency aimed at the ongoing optimization of TOMAs activities, operation costs as well as the development of advanced products and services, is a must for the maximization of our customers satisfaction.Practicing a culture of innovation in favor of ideas, innovative practices and establishment of targets and goals as part of an on-going improvement process, fosters our sustainable growth and efficient management of resources.In this way, we also contribute to the social and economic development of our surroundings in which TOMA does business and provides added value by boosting the satisfaction of our customers.


TOMA tools procures raw materials, production materials, capital goods and services on national and international level. Since our quality and success also very much depends on the capability of our suppliers, we expect them to meet the same high expectations that our customers have of innovative TOMA tools products.Act in concert with us!Working actively and professionally with our suppliers increases business success and competitiveness through the exchange of experience and joint development for both. This is why we see our suppliers as our partners.

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