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Suppliers & Partners

TOMA tools procures raw materials, production materials, capital goods and services on national and international markets. We expect our suppliers to meet the same high expectations that our customers have of innovative TOMA tools products. The quality and success of our products also very much depend on the capability of our suppliers.

TOMA tools Diamond Drawing Dies
TOMA tools Diamond Drawing Dies
TOMA tools Diamond Drawing Dies

How Do We Purchase?

Act in concert with us!

Good cooperation between TOMA tools and its international suppliers increases the business success and competitiveness of our company. This is why we see our suppliers as our partners.

That does not mean we'll always make it easy for you. We are demanding and aware of costs and have high standards of quality.

Are you willing to meet these requirements and assume a high degree of responsability?

Then contact us!

This first step of contacting us is followed by a selection process based on objective and comprehensible criteria. If you have convinced us, we are looking forward to successfully meeting new challenges together with you.

What Do We Purchase?

Raw material (industrial diamond materials, etc.)

Metals / ceramics as semi-finished products (wires, etc.)



Consumables / auxiliary materials

Machines, plants and tools

Electronic components

Electronic components



Energy / gases

Facility management

Maintenance services

IT hardware and software


What We Expect Of You

Certain preconditions have to be met to establish a long-term

relationship with TOMA tools based on partnership.

This includes:

High standards of quality
Competitive market prices
High delivery performance
Active contribution to product optimisation based on

technological progress
Personal communication based on trust
Responsible management of resources

We are looking forward to a successful

cooperation with you!

TOMA tools





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